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TOUREX COIN is a cryptocurrency developed for the purpose of establishing means of payment by cryptocurrency in Cambodia and Japan, as well as other countries around the world. TOUREX coin will be distributed and is expected to become prevalent as a form of currency that will make cryptocurrency a more familiar tool to make payments with.
Our project is supported by everyone. The more supporters we gain, the more the project will progress, which will then lead to the actualization of “the cashless city concept”; a city environment where people can freely use cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

A payment revolution with cryptocurrency dedicated to the 4th generation platform

The current situation remains that even BITCOIN, the leading cryptocurrency, cannot be used for making payments. This is because the price tends to fluctuate (otherwise known as “volatility”), and innovation is called for in how the system works.
We are hoping to build a currency that matches people’s lifestyles, by developing a cryptocurrency that is integrated with the platform, which is linked to application-based payment systems used on smartphones and tablets. TOUREX COIN, being developed by state-of-the-art cryptocurrency technology, will actualize a secure and convenient cashless environment, to be used in markets and financial services in the near future.

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Cryptocurrency exchange approved by the Cambodian government

In Japan, where the volume of cryptocurrency transactions leads the world, establishing a new exchange takes a tremendous amount of time. This is because highly anonymous cryptocurrency brands hold a high risk of being used for crimes such as money laundering, and high hurdles are set up for steps like screening upon registration by the FSA in Japan. The reality is that it is almost impossible to build a new exchange.
Also, regulations and relevant laws are hastily being enacted in countries around the world. Perspectives differ greatly depending on the country, and while some countries do not tax cryptocurrencies, others completely ban them.
On the other hand, it is anticipated that large corporations, as well as nations and central banks, will be encouraging the issuing of cryptocurrencies in the near future, and establishing a government-approved cryptocurrency exchange where these cryptocurrencies can be dealt without borders and in real time is becoming a necessity.
So which country will be the first to actualize this highly convenient market? The race has already begun.

This is the background in which the Cambodian government, being very open to the idea of cryptocurrencies, is aiming to approve COINYEX exchange officially as a nation with TOUREX COIN.

Establishment of Cambodian government official cryptocurrency exchange (approval pending)

A revolutionary payment platform pioneered by TOUREX COIN

In order to make a real-time payment with cryptocurrencies, it is necessary to process transactions at high speed and to fix the payment amount in the market. The blockchain processing system was in the way of high-speed processing, so in the 4th generation system, this is dealt with separately in order to speed things up. This is “the world’s first truly revolutionary technology”.
The platforms up till now all had crucial flaws; you were unable to make the transaction directly when paying, making real-time settlements impossible. However, TUX Platform has solved this problem. We have established collaborations with major application payment companies around the world and built a system where consumers can pay with our cryptocurrency using a QR code at the physical cash register in the general market. All to make a low-cost market introduction possible, as soon as possible. This is the 4th generation TUX Platform innovation.

4th generation cryptocurrency exchange’s innovative features


Smartphone app “TOUREX TRIP-PON”

“TOUREX TRIP-PON” is a service through an application that uses TOUREX COIN as a membership log-in. In cities where this system is implemented, consumers can pay seamlessly on their smartphones without exchanging currencies and receive discounts and other services as well.
The shops will be able to upload information about their shops and restaurants linked to a map in real time, attracting customers and making advertising management easy. Shops can use a service agency but they can upload information directly; everything up to receiving payments is streamlined on smartphones. Quick, easy, and cheap. A surefire system for it to take off, this cashless payment system is in the works to be launched in Japan and Cambodia. High expectations are seen in the inbound tourism industry where foreign currency exchange has traditionally been necessary, and with the promise of positive economic effect, development and partnering is anxiously awaited.

As one of the first steps, our smartphone app “TOUREX TRIP-PON” will soon be released from the Apple App Store.

TOUREX COIN, the cryptocurrency that can be used quickly and conveniently as regular currency, is taking off.

Apps development


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For those who bought through this website, we will send you priority information and invitations to secret information events that will not be disclosed on the web!

– Supports 4 languages. With guidance on purchasing.

Supports 4 languages: English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.
The Japanese WHITE PAPER is available through this official purchasing site only.
This will help you fully understand the system prior to purchasing.
(E-mail correspondence English and Japanese only)

– Follow up after ICO.

TOUREX COIN will continue to develop after the initial ICO.
We will continue to provide the latest information concerning TOUREX COIN, such as how to exchange or cash-out, when payment services are starting in Japan and Cambodia, the latest on the Singapore exchange going public, etc.


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How to purchase TOUREX COIN

Ticker Code TUX
Duration of sales Until the sale opens to the public(2018/07/01)
How to purchase Official purchase form
Amount available for presale 81,000,000 TUX
Operating organization TUX GLOBAL SDN BHD
(Company No. 1272161-W)

TOUREX COIN can be purchased with Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Please click on the below icons to go to the official purchasing page.
Minimum purchasing amount : 400 TUX


How purchasing TOUREX COIN works

1. Please fill in the official form below to purchase TOUREX COIN.

2. TOUREX COIN will send you an email to your registered address with payment address details.

3. Please transfer the payment with BIT or ETH from your WALLET to the address given within an hour.

4. Please reply to the email you will have received from TUX GLOBAL with a screenshot of the below information:

  • A screenshot that can confirm that the payment has been transferred
  • A screenshot of the transaction ID

*Please check your transaction ID in the WALLET that you use. It is possible to purchase TOUREX COIN without a transaction ID, but this will delay the user authentification, so it will take longer for the purchasing process to complete.

5. Purchasing is complete After your reply, TOUREX COIN will send you an email notifying you that your TOUREX COIN purchase is complete, within 5-10 days.

This is the end of the purchasing procedure.

See the official purchasing form

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Name of organization


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December 2017

Business description

  • Selling Cryptocurrency TOUREX COIN®
  • Distributing information on Cryptocurrency TOUREX COIN®
  • Planning and operating events and media uploads
  • Planning and coordinating tie-up operations
  • Customer support for users of the currency

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